Govt. jobs can be denied to ‘overqualified’ candidates: HC
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Govt. jobs can be denied to ‘overqualified’ candidates: HC

By The Hindu calender  12-Jul-2019

Govt. jobs can be denied to ‘overqualified’ candidates: HC

The Madras High Court on Thursday held that applications of “overqualified” candidates can be rejected for public recruitment if the appointing authority had prescribed the maximum educational qualification expected of the applicants in view of the nature of the job for which they were to be recruited.
Justice S. Vaidyanathan held so while dismissing a writ petition filed by an engineering graduate challenging the rejection of her candidature for the job of Train Operator/Station Controller by Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) since the qualification expected was only a diploma and nothing beyond that.
“It is not denied that there is an existence of unemployment problem but when there is a clear prescription barring over-qualified candidates from applying, the candidature can be rejected,” the judge said. He pointed out that candidates, better qualified than the petitioner, might not have applied for the job due to such prescription.


मॉब लिंचिंग किस वजह से हो रही है ?



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