Kavlem panchayat to collect garbage tax
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Kavlem panchayat to collect garbage tax

By Navhindtimes calender  08-Jul-2019

Kavlem panchayat to collect garbage tax

The Kavlem panchayat has resolved to implement garbage tax for the door-to-door collection of all types of garbage. The panchayat has also resolved to strictly implement panchayat fees on rented premises in the village and revise the trade licence fees for shops/ establishments in the village area.
The decisions were taken during the gram sabha held on Sunday and chaired by sarpanch Rajesh Kavalekar.
According to the sarpanch, Kavlem village panchayat conducts door-to-door collection of dry waste from all the nine wards while both, dry and wet waste are collected from only four wards. “Expenditure incurred on this is huge and considering it, the panchayat has decided to impose garbage collection tax on the villagers, who will be charged reasonably,” the sarpanch said.
He said that the panchayat also has plans to start wet garbage collection in the other five wards within two-three months’ time, but needs government support, as funds provided by the government are limited.
Speaking about the panchayat fees on rented premises, the sarpanch said that there are over 200 households in Kavlem who have rented out their premises to tenants. Despite the resolution passed by the panchayat according to which one month’s rent should be paid as panchayat fee, most house owners/ landlords did not pay the fees last year. As such, the panchayat has decided to conduct a house-to-house survey of households in the village and inspect the exact number of tenants residing in rented premises. Following this, the panchayat will send notices to the landlords to pay the one month’s rent collected from tenants as panchayat fee, the sarpanch said.
The sarpanch further said that till date, only 40 per cent of the landlords have paid such fees. The panchayat is aiming towards 100 per cent collection of such fees, he said.
The panchayat has also resolved not to allow any big housing project in the panchayat jurisdiction unless the project comes up with its own sewage treatment plant.


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