End of Modi’s whim in an unusual way
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End of Modi’s whim in an unusual way

Author: karamvir singh calender  13 Jul 2018

End of Modi’s whim in an unusual way

From the promises of providing everyone with suitable job opportunity to a minister stating “lessening of jobs is a good indication”, From a dream of depositing 15 lacs in the bank accounts of the common man to the organized loot through demonetization, From the assurance of bringing “Acche Din” to the weak law and order resulting in the increasing crime rate – people have seen it all. After three and a half year of governance everything seems to be turning into a false assurance (‘jumla’). Prices of crude oil have been reduced to its lowest but the prices of petrol and diesel are touching sky. Whether its dealings with Pakistan or China, they have failed in both. The government is into high self praising for FDI, GST, and Disinvestment which it used to oppose heavily in previous govt.’s regime. Article 370 and Ram Mandir would already have been added to their 2019 manifesto as it’s their permanent tool to attract masses. Condition is J&K has been deteriorated since it’s been colored saffron under Modi’s era. All those who thumbed lotus symbol have started regretting. The proof for the same is the election result of Gurdaspur seat which was vacated after the demise of Vinod khanna. The seat has been clinched by congress’ Sunil Jhakhar by a record margin. It was the year 2014 when it all started. A new hope for the nation was brought by then BJP’s proposed PM candidate Narendra Damodar Das Modi who put an impact through Gujarat Development model. Congress’s 10 years in Government was severely criticized by both opposition and the mass. Anti-incumbency was the major factor followed by few scams, lack of leadership and internal disputes led to the worst ever defeat for one of the biggest parties in a democratic arena over the globe. Trillions of money over marketing and branding a name “MODI” by chanting many catching phrases like “Abki baar Modi sarkar “, “Ache din aane wale hain” and many more brought a hope in our nation that everything is going to be changed in a better way but now after three and a half year of BJP’s govt. many feel cheated. After a historic win in Loksabha, Modi govt. announced elusive schemes to make worth its mandate which came after a period of 30 years for a single party. Modi’s Govt. started well with ‘Jan dhan yojana’, ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Make in India’, ‘Startup India’ and many more. Then they were even successful in making people believe that the only factor pulling BJP’s development agenda back was its lack of majority in Rajya Sabha and it led them to color 18 states with saffron and gain majority in upper house as well. Meanwhile RSS led Bjp was busy spreading propaganda through digital platforms over hindutva and overemphasizing its schemes which actually failed on ground level. Demonetization, Unplanned GST, Mob lynching over beef, Failure over Pakistan and China dealing, J & K unrest and many more hardly made any difference to arrogant leadership but a sudden downfall in India’s GDP which was predicted to be higher by proficient economists blew the whistle that the opposition were incapable of. Govt.’s steps of striping two major currencies of its status as legal tender and introducing GST in an unplanned way slumped the market to its lowest but govt. woke up when its own Ex- Finance Minister severely criticized these steps and war of words started between the ex and current finance head. But still good part is, finally this bull-headed govt. realized that it’s not that easy to make fool of majority for longer time and its high time to work on basics and fulfill at least half of list long promises, it made to the masses. High profile meeting of PM Narendra Modi along with Finance head and Party president clearly indicates the distress in party. Simply put, there’s no more room for denial. Modi government should accept the reality. The economy today is in the middle of a serious growth and investment slowdown that needs to be addressed. As all other wrongly made decisions can’t be rolled back, so key to resolve the situation is restoring the confidence of corporate houses that has been dented due to flawed implementation of the GST, rendering prospects for the manufacturing sector uncertain in the near term. It’s high time to introspect otherwise they must be ready to face the unpleasant consequences in coming Assembly elections which might pave the way for opposition in 2019 Loksabha elections.



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