Rapes!!! But we are busy in Elections.
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Rapes!!! But we are busy in Elections.

Author: Kriti dheer calender  21 May 2019

Rapes!!!  But we are busy in Elections.

Phallogocentrism, a theory given by a renowned French-philosopher "Jacques Derrida"  to refer the privilege of masculinity in the construction of meaning and reinforcing the male dominance, as they feel that they are so-called blessed because they are born as a male or having a special superpower which may work through their phallus.

Now the point is that at the time of Loksabha Elections 2019 why am I talking about male dominance or such feminist theories. Because in this competitive time everyone is rushing behind the interviews of various leaders or covering up the malicious or malevolent words they are speaking. Well, the reason is the way the press is turning the blind-eye over the increasing rapes, the brutality of the rapist and the delayed punishments in such cases.

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In India Rape has turned the fourth most common crime against women. In the past two months when the whole media was busy in covering the political propagandas no harsh step was taken against the rapist of Alwar rape case, the rape of 3 year old in Jammu and the brutal rape case where the lady burnt herself so that no one would rape her.

The police reports for 2017 and 2018, from January 1 to May 15 in both years themselves show an increase in reported cases of rape from 757 to 780.  However, there is a drop in the total number of heinous crimes in Delhi by roughly 5.6% but the rape crimes are increasing by 3.03% in the country’s capital. In Delhi alone, 20% of cases reported in the first two months of 2018 are still pending and we are among the 10 most unsafe countries for the women.

Humanity and ethics are seen losing its value when we see that in the Himachal rape case a schoolboy is accused to rape a three year old girl in the school, but in our country, we see the age of the rapist irrespective the age of the victim while passing the verdict. In UP a woman burns her body because she has been raped more than 20 times with the will of his husband through his friends but no one heard her cry.

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Leaders have all the time to do politics over the Alwar rape case and our constitution can be amended to target the vote bank through “Swarn Arakshan” but no amendments can be made against the rape crimes. Moreover, a woman can be punished without any second thought for making a meme over the CM of Bengal and can be tortured for 5 days. But days, weeks or months will pass and no verdict will come to thrash the evil face of phallogocentrism.


क्या सरकार को हैदराबाद गैंगरेप केस एनकाउंटर की जांच करानी चाहिए?


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