Does no to Foreign visits mean baiting for 2019 elections?
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Does no to Foreign visits mean baiting for 2019 elections?

Author: Kriti dheer calender  10 Jan 2019

Does no to Foreign visits mean baiting for 2019 elections?

Modi’s foreign visits: a bane or a boon

Narendra Modi is considered as one of the best orators of all the times. His oratorship qualities have led him to earn the approbation and made him as the second most popular leader in the world.  His more than 84 foreign trips have also led a boost to India’s influence in global affairs but have charged more than 2,000 crores from ‘Government’s Treasure’. Modi’s foreign visits include U.S. to U.A.E. and Russia to Pakistan. But do his visits have upshot any benefits to the country?

Though it is difficult to analyze any sudden outcome from P.M.’s visits but it seems that it has nurtured the branding of our country. Government programmes such as Make in India and the increase in exports by 9.8% in 2017-2018 says it all. Recent stats also highlights that India has jumped 23 notches in the ‘Ease of doing business’ and now ranks 77th in the same. Indian Stock market had also beaten Germany and has become 7th largest in the world.

But now it is announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not going to make any foreign visits for the next few months i.e. by the elections 2019. Why such announcement?

India is developing in terms of infrastructure and business but the essential needs of a developing country like India is ignored throughout. The condition of farmers, employment among youth are brushed aside and a statue worth 3,000 crores is build up to make India a thriving tourism center. This is where Modi’s magic started fading away; losses to the ongoing agrarian crisis and lack of jobs for youth have stood against Modi. His chances of getting re-elected in 2019 have slipped from 99% in 2017 to 50% by the end of 2018.

 BJP’s defeat in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh is an insightful account of the BJP’s undoing popularity. Modi’s favourability is dipped down and BJP’s most strong opponent, Congress has gained the same. Modi’s international popularity somewhere went inversely proportional to his indigenous popularity. In such conditions Lok Sabha would be a big challenge for BJP; oppositions are making their ‘federal front’ to defeat BJP.

BJP’s preparation for 2019

After their defeat in 3 major states BJP is also all fired up and ready to go; Amit Shah had appointed campaign heads for 17 states for elections 2019. If Congress is wooing farmers then BJP also has held the hand of religious grounds and female empowerment to win 2019 elections. They are using “The making of Hindu-Rashtra” as their shield to save themselves in the upcoming elections. Modi had already abandoned his foreign visits and id focusing completely on internal affairs and is targetting 2019 sturdily. Now the things to be seen is that what new plans will come as a bait for the common man with the upcoming year 2019.


महाराष्ट्र में अगर शिवसेना, एनसीपी और कांग्रेस के गठबंधन की सरकार बनती है तो क्या उसका हाल भी कर्नाटक जैसा होगा ?


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