BJP’s divisive politics on Hindutva
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BJP’s divisive politics on Hindutva

Author: Kriti dheer calender  29 Oct 2018

BJP’s divisive politics on Hindutva


This is a proven fact that BJP has promoted itself as an out-front Hindu brand but then at the same time this question also strikes that why BJP is always found indulged in wooing the Muslim vote bank too. And the recent statement of BJP’s spokesperson Sambit Patra clearly indicates this typical hypocrisy of BJP when he was found commenting on Rahul Gandhi’s Hindu identity. He said, “ if one has to answer on the question that what type of Hindutva Rahul Gandhi has adopted then I must tell you that it is merely a Fancy Dress Hindutva and the entire congress has covered itself with Confused stature on Hindutva.” This statement brings several political and religious ideological concerns that why so far the BJP has not stood on its commitments and have just played safely on electoral grounds; by making promises in the elections? For instance, in 2014 elections, Ram Mandir was the highlight of BJP’s Manifesto but four years from then nothing has been done except for communal and undemocratic statements by the BJP’s Guardian RSS or the party leaders themselves. At the same time, they try to keep their foot in both camps by announcing time and again that they are not anti-Muslims.

BJP’s fierce Hindutva

Moreover, there have been many incidents where the so-called Hindutva politics by the BJP has proved out to be extremely fiery for the rest of the country. For instance the majority of the mob lynching attacks have been guided against the innocent Muslim people under the grudge of beef ban, more or less but these attacks are somewhere-somehow affiliated to the divisive political agenda that the BJP is constantly grooming in the country and the reason why this statement becomes so bold is that the government has not taken these matters into serious consideration and instead of putting a stop on such practices the BJP seems to be guarding the mob. And surprisingly the country also witnessed the steering hand of politicians into such incidents as the Modi’s Cabinet Minister Jayant Sinha honored eight convicts accused of lynching and killing a Muslim man and praising them for their efforts towards commanding and guiding the nation towards Hindu patriotism. In support of the above said issues, stands affirm the report by the data based news organization INDIA SPEND that states “ Muslims were the target of 51% of violence centered on bovine issues over nearly eight years ( 2010-2017 ) and as many as 97% of these attacks were reported after the Narendra Modi led BJP government came to power in may 2014.

The divisive turn that the Modi led BJP government has taken looks pretty concerning as to what are the appropriate terms of ‘Nationalism’ and thus, conservative approach towards the Hindutva Agenda. The other major concerns for the nation stands even stronger as the Government disseminates fake news, targeting and demonizing the Dalits, Muslims or in one go the entire minority with the supremacy of the Hindu Hierarchy. This is a dangerous precedent which the Modi government is creating just before the next general elections, setting the tone for an India whose syncretic values and democratic principles are under huge threat.


महाराष्ट्र में अगर शिवसेना, एनसीपी और कांग्रेस के गठबंधन की सरकार बनती है तो क्या उसका हाल भी कर्नाटक जैसा होगा ?


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