A curse of rising crimes against women
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A curse of rising crimes against women

Author: Kriti dheer calender  12 Sep 2018

A curse of rising crimes against women

Women are held to be the ones holding the holy stature in the Indian culture, and despite the references in Gita, the modern day scenario has just simply got worsened for the women, when we talk about their security. The right to freedom of life is embedded in the Indian constitution too seems to be unsatisfied because the freedom of life and the other liberties of one gender now seem to be endangered. Crimes against women are now being reported on the daily basis, in fact hourly. The ancient Indian ideologies have been brutally murdered by the cruel forces by abusing the women in our society.

Let it be the capital of India “Delhi” or a state like Madhya Pradesh Crimes against women have always been on top in the priority list of the government and at the time of elections within the voters too, but it is a very disappointing fact to digest that even the civil society doesn’t seem to take an obsolete stand to safeguard the women in our society. Similar is the condition with Madhya Pradesh, the state which now, portrays the image of being most unsafe state in terms of women security.

Statements like “We have a zero tolerance policy on crime. Many false cases are registered as a fall out of property disputes. But the police cannot deny registering cases as it’s only after an investigation that police can reach a conclusion about whether a case is false or genuine” and “police are prompt in registering crime in the state and there are many options like helpline and public hearing through which people can approach police besides going to the police station directly.” are made at a regular basis by the police and the state government but no promptness in seeking a cumulative solution to these rising crimes against the women in the state of Madhya Pradesh is ever seen.

On the other hand, when the judiciary gets involved then we see a straight and strict discipline in deciding the punishments for the culprits and acquittals for innocents. In recent times Judiciary has even dominated the criminals, for instance, by astonishingly deciding the punishments in a minor girl rape case this year, and that too within 6 hours of the long hearing. This impersonates a strong feeling of valor in the hearts of the 35% scheduled caste and tribe population in the state, who are more vulnerable to such cases of wilderness.

Prima facilely, the rising concern over the high rise in the crimes against women somewhere, up to some extent we all are to be blamed because of the narrow dark roads that we have cemented towards scraping the criminal intimidation towards the women. Furthermore, the government, the NGO's, the civil society and most importantly the police will need to feel the rising alarm in their own senses in order to detonate the crimes against women at a rapid pace, else that day doesn’t seem far anymore when women would feel fear everywhere on this earth and it would no more be a place to shelter for them.

Therefore, conclusions of this issue can only be sought with high determination on the part of all governmental organizations along with the government, NGOs and the civil society too with regards to the Measures to be taken, Penal laws to be made more versatile and strict in terms of implementation, exercise of independent judiciary and last but not the least the awareness level that needs to have arisen amongst the civil society is very high because factors like unemployment, illiteracy and lack of awareness altogether constitute the crimes against the women. Thus, not slogans and demonstrations alone can do the magic, it is the need of the time, when the law enforcement, government’s policies and people’s will need to take the same stage in order to raise the living standards for women and thereby for the entire society.


महाराष्ट्र में अगर शिवसेना, एनसीपी और कांग्रेस के गठबंधन की सरकार बनती है तो क्या उसका हाल भी कर्नाटक जैसा होगा ?


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