Journey of ‘Modi’ as a brand  
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Journey of ‘Modi’ as a brand  

Author: Kriti dheer calender  22 Aug 2018

Journey of ‘Modi’ as a brand   

Narendra Modi – Introduction:

Bluffs are often tempted but broken with one arcade from the deck and Prime Minister Narendra Modi proved out to be exactly the same card of the ace as of the denotation. Modi, at just the age of 8 years got his roots entangled with the “The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)” wing beginning a long association with the organization. It boggled many minds when he left his home at a very young age primarily because of the arranged marriage which he opposed. Stars of fortune got lightened when he was appointed as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, due to Keshubhai Patel's failing health and poor public image, following the earthquake in Bhuj. Modi was elected to the legislative assembly soon after. His policies as chief minister, credited with encouraging economic growth, have received praise and significantly under the Modi regime, Gujarat stepped its developed armor image to next level all across the country. Comprehensive political engineering by the man with a brave heart along with Gujarat's vibrant contributions proved the real essence of Modi’s ethical ideology and strong working enthusiasm to the entire nation.

Things under Modi's governance:

Modi after Vajpayee came out to be the effective mentor for the BJP and very soon his charismatic personality and the tip sharp speeches got an open-handed appreciation, which multiplied over day and night. Some sort of enchantment covered the entire country and a NaMo wave touched every heart of the country in the 2014 General elections. Even the state political parties found no place to hide from the widespread NaMo wave. As a result of which BJP won a clear majority alone. This happened for the first time since 1984.

 This triumph in the 2014 General Elections prepared a strong enough platform for the Modi led NDA government to steer India through the world economic corridor among the top in the frontier list of developed countries of the world. In 2014, India was the 10th largest economy in the world and now we have stepped up to 4th rank in 2018. In four years, we have moved six ranks, we have surpassed Brazil, Canada, Russia, France and the United Kingdom. It is a matter of great pride for all Indians that now our economy is bigger than that of our erstwhile colonial masters – the United Kingdom. This is the fastest ever growth where India jumped six spots in four years. That should give viewers an indication as to what kind of work has been done.

The four years of Modi government has set India on a transformational path to rapid development at a time when democracy and freedom are being challenged in many other countries.

Major achievements in the four years :

PM Modi announced his arrival on the global diplomatic stage when he invited leaders in the Indian subcontinent to be part of his swearing-in ceremony. The world took notice, and four years down he along with the support of his cabinet has created a respected space in the world for India and himself. 

 The most significant achievement in India’s foreign policy has been building a closer strategic relationship with the United States. For a country that has largely been hesitant in demonstrating and asserting its strategic interests in India along with its rising power status, the re-naming of the United States’ Pacific Command to Indo-Pacific Command, has been a significant development.

BJP’s resurrection as a pan-India political force began with Narendra Modi being chosen as the prime ministerial candidate during the 2014 general elections. His taking command of the party leadership and directing the electoral strategy against the UPA became the defining moment in Indian politics.

Under UPA II, India used to be a nation without much strategic direction or robust domestic goals; that was transformational and are yet occurring. PM Modi and his party have successfully transformed that perception. In a politically fragmented country with diverse, and often, conflicting interests, the Modi government has been able to instill any sense of confidence and pride among the people in the concept of a dynamic India. That’s a major achievement.

The Modi government has demonstrated its penchant for undertaking an ambitious social welfare scheme and other countries are now studying the model to possibly implement similar projects.


Narendra Modi has eventually turned his name into a brand, a brand probably widespread because of his exemplary, charismatic and phenomenal communicating abilities in terms of popularity. The success graph of Narendra Modi depicts a hypnotizing virtual all over the world. Although the developments have taken place, there are various grounds on which government is still supposed to focus on because development is not fully attained until crying domestic ills were addressed. The crime rate in India is increasing. Moreover, in 2012 the conviction rate in rape cases was over 49 percent, it went down to around 29 percent in 2015. Moreover, India is declared as one of the most unsafe places for women in the world. We are spending more on defense and technology instead of the basic health and education needs, mobocracy seems stronger than democracy at few levels.

The government and law enforcement agencies should introspect about such shortcomings, plug loopholes and work on remaining untouched branches because only then will there be proof that "ab ki bar, Modi sarkar" is different from governments of the past and will once again bring the chances of majority win in 2019 polls.


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