Was it a PM's address to nation or leader's speech to voters?
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Was it a PM's address to nation or leader's speech to voters?

Author: Kriti dheer calender  17 Aug 2018

Was it a PM's address to nation or leader's speech to voters?

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” Something like that happened with the P.M. Modi's speech on the occasion of 72nd Independence Day; which was more of a manifesto for the upcoming elections. He was found wooing public from Red fort for the electoral mandate. Modi has tried to recapitulate the “hope- factor” for 2019 elections by showcasing his accomplishments and his already settled goals for second tenure and his already settled goals for second tenure and expectations to win in 2018. He left no stone unturned to convince the commoners and to earn their faith in him.

Modi swanked sham reports from the national platform

He painted the picture of developing India with the successful application of G.S.T., giving a raised 1.5% of M.S.P. to farmers, rural electrification, India as a rising voice on the International platform and a strong energy source. For world economy in coming 3 decades, He also called his government as a government with bold decision making power and called this time period as an era of ‘reform, perform and transform'. He used international reports as a mouthpiece of his success stories and have compared the speedy progress of past four years to the progress with snail's pace by 2013. But in between showcasing his achievements and wooing people for 2019 general elections he forgot that even before his assistance India has long sought the tag of being the world’s fastest-growing economy, even reaching double-digit figures of 10.26% in 2010 under the then UPA government, spearheaded by Congress under the able leadership of former PM Manmohan Singh. However, since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took charge in May 2014 four years ago, India’s GDP has become a subject of controversial discussions, especially since it accompanied several grotesque claims of government achievements that appeared questionable (100 percent rural electrification being the latest casual speech).

72nd Independence day speech: An electoral hit

He has enlisted his progress report card from grains to mobile, tractors to planes and from toilets in schools to new IIT's, IIM's and AIIMS'. But nowhere did the PM talk about the astonishing RELIANCE JIO INSTITUTE being enlisted in the INDIAS INSTITUTES OF EMINENCE along with some other educational institutes. He added that successful Swachh Bharat Campaign which according to the reports of WHO has saved lives of 3 lakh children in India. He also mentioned that India is no longer as the fragile economy and is looked upon as a strong economy in upcoming years. He bragged in a celebratory tone about his farmer yojanas, Ujwala Yojna, Gram-Swarajya Yojna, doubling in the sale of khadi and exports of honey and never even tried to address the farmer suicide hinge.

Modi's failed plans which he forgot to mention from the rampart of Red Fort

Modi while delivering his speech just forgot that his supporters from 2014 might recall how he came to power promising to end the climbing inflation. The spiraling petrol and diesel prices were amongst some of the key reasons that pulled down the UPA government. Even though price rise was one of Modi’s favorite topics to talk about while he was in Opposition, during his tenure, he failed to break the vicious cycle of high petrol and diesel prices. Indian economy is in a mess today, and the credit goes to the Modi government. Not only has the consumer price index (CPI) inflation increased from 3.9 percent in March 2017 to 4.3 percent in March 2018, but the foreign trade deficit has also increased from $10.7 billion in March 2017 to $13.7 billion in March 2018. Adding to the woes are the swelling crude oil prices and increasing bond yields. To top it all, we are also witnessing rupee depreciation. In 2018, the rupee has lost more than 6 percent against the dollar. And is at its highest against U.S. Dollar i.e. 70.

Modi's plans for the second tenure

His four major announcements in the speech ie. Ayushman Bharat Healthcare Scheme on 25th September, celebrating 75th Independence Day after sending an Indian into space, permanent commissioning of women in armed forces and new agricultural policy doubling the farmer's income seemed as a bait for voters in coming elections. In the end, he again ensured the basic necessities like connectivity, insurance, and development for all. In all the independence day speech looked like of a speech at BJP oriented stage as the Hon'ble PM constantly escaped from the virtual realities and only steered through the self-motivated BJP PROMOTION RALLY.


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