Bihar Horror: Are Girls Safe in Night Shelter Homes?
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Bihar Horror: Are Girls Safe in Night Shelter Homes?

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  02 Aug 2018

Bihar Horror: Are Girls Safe in Night Shelter Homes?

India is a land of marvels, no doubt, but with every single day, the incidents across the country horrify the public gravely. While many are so concerned about cows, the safety of women and children is least talked and cared about. To be precise, their lives are in jeopardy.

Lately, reports have shed light on the alleged rape and killing of girls at a government-funded night shelter home in Bihar. The sexual exploitation of girls lodged at the shelter home was exposed in a social audit done by Mumbai based institute, following which the state social welfare department lodged an FIR in this regard last month. Though the report was released on March 15, 2018, the probe was only initiated recently.

Based on an inmate’s statement, authorities in Bihar's Muzaffarpur dug up the ground inside a shelter home where a girl was allegedly killed and buried over an argument with the staff. The Muzaffarpur shelter home has been under the spotlight over the last few weeks following allegations that girls who lived there were sexually exploited. The shelter home has been sealed for a month after police rescued 21 girls. A medical report, which came out last week, confirmed that 16 of the 21 girls who were rescued had been raped.

Most surprisingly, this very incident happened in a government-funded home shelter where the children are supposed to be safe and secure. No wonder we have lawmakers who incessantly talk about women safety but do absolutely nothing for women because their priorities are well set. Perhaps, putting efforts to empower them contributes nothing to the elections as compared to hate speech. 

And looking into the current scenario across the country, it goes without saying that cows are safer than women in India. Rather than being mute spectators, the governments in the respective states must ensure safety and security to its citizens. 


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