PDP-BJP Split: Future of Jammu and Kashmir
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PDP-BJP Split: Future of Jammu and Kashmir

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  20 Jun 2018

PDP-BJP Split: Future of Jammu and Kashmir

It's over! yes, BJP has recently snapped the ties of alliance with PDP leaving the state of Jammu and Kashmir to the hands of the governor. The decision to pull out the alliance came after a meeting called by the BJP party President Amit Shah with the BJP ministers of Jammu and Kashmir.

Although BJP and PDP, despite all their ideological differences, made a coalition in the state of Jammu and Kashmir to be in power in 2015, the rift existed since the beginning which later propelled the BJP to accuse Mehbooba Mufti of taking unilateral decisions in the state. There are various other factors which led to the fragmentation; ideological differences being the core of all of it. Let’s have a look at those factors which ripped both the parties apart in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir-centric Approach of Mehbooba Mufti

In 2015, when it was time to form a government in the state, the election result has resulted in a fractured mandate as the PDP won the majority in Kashmir while BJP bagged up the majority of votes in Jammu. Soon after, with the replacement of Mehbooba Mufti after her father Mufti Mohammed Sayeed's death, the BJP resented an increasing focus of the government on Kashmir Valley. Hence, that marks the genesis of the rift between BJP and PDP in the state.

It also complained that Kashmir Valley was being pampered at the cost of other regions of the state and Jammu was being neglected and overlooked by the government since she took charge as the chief minister.

An upsurge in Terror Activities

The decision to withdraw from the government came after suspension of the ceasefire in Kashmir Valley. The Centre had suspended operations against terrorists during the month of Ramzan and Mehbooba Mufti has demanded the extension of the same in the Kashmir Valley. However, terror activities continued in the valley as horrible incidents of attacks were reported. A senior journalist and editor of 'Rising Kashmir' as well as an army jawan, Aurangzeb, were killed by the terrorists during the period of the ceasefire in the state.

The BJP also alleged that the Mufti government failed to contain militancy and radicalization of youth in Kashmir.

Unilateral Decisions of Mehbooba Mufti

This has been one of the major allegations made by the BJP which led them to break the knot with PDP. The party has been complaining about the unilateral decisions made by Mehbooba Mufti in terms of governance and the way the saffron party has been treated unheedingly while the process of decision making.

PDP has taken unilateral decision to release stone pelters, not to relocate Bakkarwalas from the government's land and doling out land grants to religious outfit Ahle Hadees. On the contrary, the BJP couldn't secure any relief for those names in cases filed in incidents related to Amarnath land movement. 

Kathua Rape and Murder Case

The rape and murder of an eight-year-old in Kathua has stirred agitation among the civilians across the country. The PDP was critical of the BJP's decision as the BJP wanted CBI investigation on the matter whereas, Mufti insisted on a probe supervised by the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

In fact, there were BJP lawmakers involved in the case which not only sparked outrage among the general public in Jammu and Kashmir but across the country. This must be considered as a turning point where the BJP has started to lose its ground in the state.

2019 General Assembly Elections

Resolving the Kashmir issue was one of the poll promises made by the BJP in 2014. However, the ground reality seems to be unmoved even a bit indeed, it has worsened in the past four years. So, the 2019 general elections would be very difficult for the BJP to prove its concerns it has over the people of Kashmir as it already failed miserably in keeping the people safe and secure during their regime. To be precise, Narendra Modi's image of a strong leader wouldn't work here as long as people don't have a peaceful life.

The BJP-led government has advocated a belligerent policy towards Kashmiri separatists and militants and the PDP was being seen as an impediment in carrying out anti-terror plans devised by the security forces in the state.

However, one can assume that with governor's rule in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the central government would be completely accountable for all the occurrences in the state. Hence, the Centre can do much more to the people of the valley as there won't be any sort of intervention by the state government as the people in Kashmir too have the equal rights to lead a peaceful life and they deserve it!


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