BJP-PDP Rift While Endless Terror Attacks in Jammu And Kashmir
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BJP-PDP Rift While Endless Terror Attacks in Jammu And Kashmir

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  19 Jun 2018

BJP-PDP Rift While Endless Terror Attacks in Jammu And Kashmir

Recently, the Indian government has decided to resume with the security operations in the state of Jammu and Kashmir against the terrorists after a month-long ceasefire during the holy month of Ramdan. However, militants resumed with their terrorist attacks on the public as well as on the security forces as it witnessed the ruthless murders of Shujaat Bukhari, editor of Rising Kashmir, and Aurangzeb, an army man who was abducted and brutally murdered while he was going home.

These incidents not only sparked a debate on whether to extend the ceasefire or not, but also ended up in crashing Jammu government as the BJP pulled out the coalition with the ruling party PDP in the state which paved the way for governor’s rule in the state.

According to National Bomb Data Centre report, India has witnessed the maximum bombings in the world last year, even more than war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan. According to it, there were 406 incidents, which included IED and ordnance explosive blasts in the country. Iraq came second with almost half the number at 221 though it didn't mention anything about the causalities in the report. The neighboring country, Pakistan, witnessed a total of 161 incidents during 2016 followed by Afghanistan where 132 bombing incidents were recorded. Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Syria, Egypt and Bangladesh too top the list in terms of bombings.

Out of the total 406 incidents reported during this period in India, 337 were triggered using Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) while the rest 69 occurred using ordnance explosives like grenades or ammunition shells.

The NBDC report also says that Jammu and Kashmir saw an over 121 percent rise in blast and IED related incidents after the killing of terrorist Burhan Wani in the Valley in July last year. While 14 IED bombing incidents were reported in Jammu and Kashmir in 2015, the numbers went up to 31 last year.

Talking about the targets of these bombings, both IED and ordnance explosives, the report found in Jammu and Kashmir "security forces remained the prime targets of the terrorists" last year. The maximum attacks at 55 percent were faced by security forces followed by members of public 41 percent and VIPs four percent in the state.

At least 23 people have lost their lives in Jammu and Kashmir this year in incidents related to terror and cross-border firings. This is the highest number of deaths in Jammu and Kashmir in over 10 years due to terrorism and ceasefire violations in the first two months of the year. In 2007, 43 security personnel and civilians had lost their lives in January and February.

The coalition was shaky from the beginning itself as they face differences in their approach of dealing with the issues in the state. it has widened after Kathua gang-rape case as the BJP was in support of the accused persons and two of the BJP MLAs even participated in a rally to demand justice for the perpetrators. This decision of breaking out the alliance came after BJP president Amit Shah has called for an urgent meeting with the lawmakers from Jammu and Kashmir in the national capital.

There had been disputes over the past three years over PDP's promises of talks with the separatists, the proposal to remove the AFSPA, and the rollout of the government's flagship GST. In March, the concerns over the future of the alliance surfaced after PDP sacked its minister Haseeb Drabu, who had been a key interlocutor between the two parties.

With the PDP-BJP coalition falling apart, the state might come under governor's rule, which will be for the fourth time in the last 10 years.


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