Karnataka Election Manifesto 2018; The Promises
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Karnataka Election Manifesto 2018; The Promises

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  11 May 2018

Karnataka Election Manifesto 2018; The Promises

It is a three-way battle between Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, the BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa, and former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda’s JD(S) in the state of Karnataka to get to a majority of 113 in the 224-member assembly. All three parties have been in power for over the last 15 years, either in alliance with each other or on their own.

As the voters go to the ballot box and the election is underway in the state of Karnataka on 12 May 2018, it is the last largest state which is governed by the Congress party, all the parties have come up with their set of manifestos to convince the public to gain power. Be it Congress or the BJP, almost all the national leaders are camped in for election campaigns and rallies despite their busy programs. Here are the major promises put forward by the Congress and the BJP as their promises in manifestos would determine their future not only in the state but also in the upcoming 2019 general elections.


  • Promised an allocation of Rs 1.5 lakh crore for irrigation projects
  • Crop loan waiver upto Rs. 1 lakh
  • Loan waiver to include all loans from nationalized and co-operative banks
  • Minimum support price at 1.5x the cost of production
  • Separate agricultural budget to place focus on farmers
  • Direct income support of Rs 10,000 to small and marginal farmers
  • Rs. 2500 r to clean and revive the lakes and rivers of Bengaluru
  • Cauvery V Phase to be expedited to augment drinking water supply of Bengaluru
  • Re- introduction of "Karnataka Prevention of Cow Slaughter Bill 2012" if comes to power
  • Opening of "Annapoorna Canteens"
  • Free smartphones for women under poverty line
  • Free sanitary napkins to BPL women and girl students. Rs 1 for other women
  • 10000 crore "Stree Unnati Fund" to set up women run co-operatives
  • Flying squads to attend to distress calls for women
  • Rs 25000 and 3 grams of gold will be provided to the bride's families living Below Poverty Line
  • Accidental insurance cover upto Rs. 2 lakh
  • For Bengaluru, double the fleet of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation
  • To build 2000km of footpaths and widen the its roads
  • Mission Mode Programme to cleanse and rejuvenate 192 lakes in Bengaluru
  • To spend Rs 1 lakh crore on developing the city's infrastructure
  • Metropolitan planning committee to monitor the growth of the state capital
  • Develop 6 "K-Hubs" as the biggest incubators and co-working spaces
  • Increasing IT contribution from the current $60 billion to $300 billion


  • Clean, stable, transparent, people caring and corruption-free administration.
  • Rs 1.25 lakh crore on irrigation over the next five years if re-elected to power
  • Drinking water to 'all villages and towns within 5 years'
  • Measures to improve quality of life in urban areas
  • strengthen public transport system and construct multi-storey parking facilities to solve congestion problems
  • Subsidy for drip irrigation
  • Help farmers in purchasing modern agricultural equipment.
  • 100%electricity for all
  • Veterinary hospital in every panchayat
  • A women's college in every district.
  • Upper Bhadra Project to be completed
  • Upper Krishna project stage III to be completed
  • Cleansing of 192 lakes in Bengaluru
  • Primary Health Care Centre would be upgraded; 20 beds and maternity ward.
  • 15-20 lakhs job to be created annually
  • 65 lakh jobs to be created in tourism sector
  • 12 years of schooling guaranteed
  • Right To Education for all children between 3-18 years
  • Free smartphones for students between 18-23 years.
  • 20,000 IT startups
  • $300 Billion in IT funding
  • $50Billion in biotech funding
  • Rural development, promotion of Kannada culture and minority welfare

Though their manifestos seem very alluring and buoyant, these turn out to be well-fabricated lies to get hold of the power and position in no time. They are in power because we vote and in no way, we deserve to be treated as we don’t matter to them. We make the choices and we elect them to power; so we get to choose our lawmakers. A second thought before electing them to power is not a bad idea for a good governance as that is all it takes for the change.

By: Thamanna Abdul Latheef C



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