Unstoppable Controversies Over Controversies!
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Unstoppable Controversies Over Controversies!

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  05 May 2018

Unstoppable Controversies Over Controversies!

Biplab Kumar Deb, chief minister of Tripura of the BJP, is no stranger to controversies. Yet again, he has courted controversy, this time by saying that if anyone criticizes his government "their nails need to be chopped off". The CM used the analogy of what a vegetable vendor goes through to illustrate his point.

Deb, who took charge of Tripura last month, has made several remarks which have been triggered widespread criticism. A few weeks back, he came up with his so many controversial statements that the Internet and satellite communication existed during the Mahabharata era. He also questioned the crowning of Diana Hayden as Miss World in 1997.

Here are those statements which broke out of his “great wisdom”.

"A vegetable seller brings fresh bottle gourd to market at 8 in the morning. By 9 am, so many people have touched it, it gets so many nail marks that it can't be sold. Then it must be either fed to a cow or taken back home. I will not allow that to happen to my government,” going on to then say critics' nails should be chopped off. “It shouldn't happen that with my government, somebody points fingers at it or scratches it with their nails. Anyone who scratches it, their nails should be chopped off.”

"Those who are from a mechanical engineering background should not opt for civil services. Society has to be built up. Civil engineers have this knowledge... because those in the administration have to build society,"

“Indian beauty should ideally look like Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati. Diana Hayden did not deserve to win the Miss World crown. Actually, it was part of a fixed plan which was hatched keeping in mind the interests of the international market. Aishwarya Rai’s victory was well deserved as she represents the quintessential Indian woman.”

"India has been using internet since ages. In Mahabharata, Sanjay was blind but he narrated what was happening in the battlefield to Dhritarashtra anyway. This was due to internet and technology. Satellite also existed during that period."

“Why run after netas for government jobs? Graduates should get cows and milk it to earn Rs 10 lakh in 10 years. Instead of running after political parties, had the same youth set up a paan shop, he would have had a bank balance of Rs 5 lakh by now.”

The one who won Tripura election addressing and debating on the issues of unemployment during campaigns has sparked such a controversial statement which resulted in a national outrage. The one who holds a high office had the audacity to speak out illogical, defamatory and nonsensical statements on various things. These objectionable statements came out from a Chief minister’s mouth which is a great matter of concern as they are the ones who are meant to be sensitive to the citizens. If they’ve started to speak out brazenly and irrationally, no doubt India is losing its integrity!

By: Thamanna Abdul Latheef C



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