Conversion of Religion for "Equality"
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Conversion of Religion for "Equality"

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  30 Apr 2018

Conversion of Religion for "Equality"

Time has come where the people in India have to convert to other religion to be equal in the eyes of the society. A recent incident of a Dalit family, whose four Members were allegedly flogged by cow vigilantes in Una tehsil of Gir Somnath district of Gujarat in 2016, embraced Buddhism along with hundreds of others on the eve of Buddha Jayanti.

Seven Dalits, including four members of the Sarvaiya family from Mota Samadhiyala, were paraded and flogged for allegedly skinning a dead cow in July 2016. The incident had caused nationwide outrage after a video of the same went viral.

Sarvaiya, the victim, said the family had announced that they would shun Hinduism as it "discriminates between people of the same faith on the basis of their caste and occupation". He said other victims of caste discrimination will also embrace Buddhism. "There is no discrimination in Buddhism which teaches all to live equally and respect each other. This is the reason we have decided to convert to Buddhism," Ramesh Sarvaiya, another member of the family said.

The family members also alleged the Gujarat government did not fulfill the promises made to them in the wake of the incident. It is quite saddening that over 300 Dalits had to convert to another religion to be equal to that of other sections of the society. These Dalits were prevented from entering temples and discriminated against by Hindus and had been asked to carry their utensils for food wherever they go to work. To be precise, they were neglected and the justice was denied by both the government and the society which paved the way for their mass conversion.

The issue is not about their conversion but of the rights denied to these individuals to live with dignity and equality in a democracy. Being a Dalit doesn’t make any change in any of the constitutional rights entitled to every other citizen in the nation and if the society is unable to get out of the rotten feudal system, so the focus must be given to enlighten the other sections of the society. Our motherland will regain harmony if the so-called ‘upper class’ start believing in the marvel of equality and embrace the aspects which defines a country democratic!!

By:Thamanna Abdul Latheef C


ट्रैफिक रूल्स में हुए नए बदलाव जनता के लिए !



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