National Security is not a Part Time Job
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National Security is not a Part Time Job

Author: Neeraj Jha   31 Jul 2017

National Security is not a Part Time Job

228 and 221 are the numbers of ceasefire Violations by Pakistan along LoC and International Border in 2016. A total of 26 people including civilians, Army personnel and BSF personnel were killed whereas more than 175 people were injured. The incidents are being executed by Pakistan frequently in 2017 as well. The most recent violation took place in the Poonch district of Jammu & Kashmir on 1st May. One JCO and one BSF Head Constable were killed and their bodies were mutilated. After the attack, Social Networking Sites were stormed with the message of strict action, condolence, and salute to martyrs. News Anchors sang the songs of bravery of Army and BSF personnel. Some of them warned Pakistan for not repeating this again else they will have to face serious problems as a spokesperson of government. Politicians involved themselves in TV debates over the issue and played BJP-Congress blame game. Arun Jaitely wrote that the sacrifices of the soldiers won’t go vain in his tweet. Let’s accept what the honorable Defence Minister said. Let’s suppose our soldiers will manage to teach the neighboring nation a tough lesson. Let’s suppose that we can even successfully do one more surgical strike under the leadership of BJP. But the question arises, Are these the solution to the problem? Are these steps sufficient over this alarming issue? Our answer is No. These things may give headlines to the news channels or a point to boast off to a supporter. But this is not what the security of India and lives of soldiers require. A full time Defence Minister who has no other responsibilities is the utter need of the nation. I do not doubt the capabilities of Mr. Arun Jaitely but holding more than one ministry at a single time is not that easy. Doing so would certainly dilute one or all of the ministries. It’s awful that the largest democracy of the world which is facing tough situations at borders does not have a full time Defence Minister. The BJP government, who came into power in 2014 through slogans on Nationalism, does not seem to be serious over the security of the nation. Cows, Temples, Meat etc. have been the priorities of the government. Soldiers come in their mind during elections only. Mr. Manohar Parrikar who was serving as the Defence Minister of the nation resigned from the post and was immediately sent to Goa after election results. The Defence Minister was made the Chief Minister of a state and the Finance Minister was given a responsibility of holding Ministry of Defence as well. In the month of April alone, ceasefire was violated seven times questioning the security of lives of civilians and army personnel. Looking at such situation, requirement of full time Defence Minister is in the best interest of the country and countrymen.


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Political-Cartoon,Funny Political Cartoon

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