Interesting Facts on Indian Politics
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Interesting Facts on Indian Politics

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  05 Oct 2018

Interesting Facts on Indian Politics

India, a land which was brought together by different leaders who believed in the power of unity and politics plays an important role nation building and elevating the living conditions of its people. Interestingly, India is one among those countries in which healthy discussions end up in arguments and hatred among the people and consequently witness outbursts and violence. Here are some of the interesting facts about Politics. Check out the trends in Indian Politics.

Divisive Politics: Britishers, who ruled India for years, were intelligent enough to find a strategy like 'Divide and Rule' which is still used by most of the political parties and politicians in our country. A land where religion and caste are apparently of utmost importance to its people, exploitation of the same is done for years to gain just votes. Everyone talks about the consequences of communalism and violence which come with it, but the promotion of the same is a major reason why India is being torn apart in no time in the name of communal violence.

Electoral Promises: Elections in India, is more of like any other festival in India as the spirit of the supporters are unleashed in the public. It is the time for almost all the parties to shower the general public with their fake promises for winning a seat. Ironically when those parties or politicians rule, those electoral promises remain mere statements. India has been witnessing this trend for decades and that's a reason why blame- game politics is still an inevitable part of the existence of our political system.

Opposition: The political party in opposition has a very significant role in the working of the government as they have the power to oppose, condemn, question and guide the ruling party.  India is on the verge of destruction when it comes to this regard as we lack behind strong leaders and parties to mark a new way which will not only elevate the society but also maintain peace and harmony among the various groups. As a reason, we do witness the instances of bills and amendments getting passed in the parliament without any sort of discussions. Contradictorily, some of the policies condemned by the BJP when the party was in opposition implementing now when it has got the power and thrown.  

Caste Politics: Emergence and growth of parties like RJD, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Samajwadi Party (SP) etc show some sort of biasness for a particular community or group which exempt certain social class from their focus or politics per say is another interesting fact regarding Indian politics. The society is a combination of all caste, class, and religion etc, however, caste politics is considered to be a magic pot to connect to the sentiments of the particular community. The ideologies like 'Hindutva' and Islamophobia will sell quite well in India thus, strategies have been created accordingly to win the elections.

Politics being an easy as well as "lifetime" profession to get in, the number of leaders and the political parties are increasing day-by-day.  It is one of the professions where the educational background of the leaders hardly matters. Those who are making the laws, how well they get along with the system without enough knowledge is indeed a grave matter of concern.

By: Thamanna Abdul Latheef C


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