Vandalization; Nothing but Hooliganism
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Vandalization; Nothing but Hooliganism

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  09 Mar 2018

Vandalization; Nothing but Hooliganism

India witnessing dreadful deeds by the hooligans who are razing statues of various eminent personalities across the country. Statues of Lenin in Tripura, Periyar in Tamil Nadu, Syama Prasad Mookerjee in Kolkata, Mahatma Gandhi in Kerala and B.R. Ambedkar in Meerut have been vandalized in the past two days after BJP has witnessed a massive win in the Tripura assembly elections.

Political agenda behind the vandalism

Instead of discussing the real-time issues which are really obstructing the growth of the society, this seems to be a planned strategy of the BJP to divert people's mind. The party has always taken efforts to be in the limelight of the media in many ways.

Delinquency shown by the leadership is another aspect which has to be evaluated at the right moment. Though they condemn the act, the scattering of such violent operations concurrently from one place to another is something which questions and invokes doubts in the agenda of the leadership. Tripura being the triggering point of disruptive behaviour in the country, choosing hostility as the ultimate mode of celebrating their victory isn't acceptable considering the consequences which come with it.

So-called "Unity In Diversity"

While we endorse the idea of unity in diversity wherever we go, a reality check has to be done in these contexts.  If we pretend to respect and accept each other, then why do we have issues with other's ideologies? Why do we fail to understand the other's perspective of doing something and act accordingly? It is self-explanatory that how much we believe in the idea of 'Unity in diversity'.

Be it anyone from any party, the damage their deeds cost is very severe and the way the public life is getting disturbed and distorted is yet another issue which is not addressed by anyone. If they have vandalized statues now because of the ideological differences, they might not fear to wreck anything which "they" find unwanted. Such acts of intolerance can't be promoted and appreciated. 


महाराष्ट्र में अगर शिवसेना, एनसीपी और कांग्रेस के गठबंधन की सरकार बनती है तो क्या उसका हाल भी कर्नाटक जैसा होगा ?


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