Being "INHUMAN"?
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Being "INHUMAN"?

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  27 Apr 2018

Being "INHUMAN"?

“I have to die anyway, so I am killing you: Man to passenger before kicking him out of moving train”  was a headline appeared on a media channel regarding a 23-year-old's death as he was kicked out of a moving train by a stranger in Bhopal. To an utter shock, there were no reasons for this action as both of them were strangers to each other.

The victim was sitting near the door of a general coach of Kamayani Express when the stranger kicked him out. Appallingly, it happened without any apparent provocation. The only sentence uttered by the accused before kicking him out was, ‘I am going to die anyway, so I am killing you.’

Killing someone, whoever be it, is not something which can be encouraged. And in most of the cases, the perpetrators aren’t punished or taken into the custody for any sort of execution. Not only has it questioned the sense of responsibility of the law and order in the country, but also the mindset of people who dare to take someone else’s life.

The issue sounds very simple and ordinary these days as we have got habituated of listening to all sorts of horrific stories of the human deed on a regular basis. Less society feels agitated and frantic over incidences like this, the more we get into trouble. On the contrary, we have so many other so-called serious issues like ‘Padmavat, Gau Raksha, Taimur Ali Khan etc.’ to talk about endlessly.

If the country has reached such a level where a stranger can kill someone out of his/her sheer viciousness, we have to think how much our value system and tradition of non-violence have degraded and shattered. Rather than blaming the system for each and everything, let us take up the responsibility and #RaiseOurVoiceAgainstSocialInjustice. We mustn’t wait for our turn to come, but grabbing every opportunity to be the change is in our hands.

By: Thamanna Abdul Latheef C


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