Haryana; No Women's Land
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Haryana; No Women's Land

Author: Thamanna Abdul Latheef calender  09 Dec 2019

Haryana; No Women's Land

India has witnessed several Nirbhayas by now, still, nothing seems to be changed in the country as numerous vicious rape cases were reported in Haryana within a week. The country staged wide protests and outcries each time when a woman is attacked. Haryana, one of the most unsafe states for women in India, holds the sixth position in the National Crimes Records Bureau's data with capital city being on the top of the list.

Over 1000 rape cases were reported in Haryana 2014- 16 and it gives the notion that 'Haryana no longer women's land'. The heartbreaking reports on the assaults which are being committed in the state not only open the door to reality, but also create a sense of threat to each woman’s life.

According to NCRB's data, there were 1860 cases reported on assault itself, whereas 2697 cases were on kidnapping and abduction. Domestic violence is also no less in the state as 3314 cases were in the records, however, 821 cases were filed against abduction for forced marriage. Sexual harassment and rape cases crossed the heights as 700 and 1187 cases were reported respectively.

Jind, a city in the heart of Haryana, witnessed the most gruesome and brutal rape recently as a 15-year-old Dalit girl was brutally raped, beaten and tortured by multiple people last week. She was missing since 9 Jan and her body was recovered from Bhakra Canal near Karnal. As many as 19 different injuries were reported to have been found on her body along with other several internal injuries.

Another incident reported from Faridabad on Sunday, 14 Jan, when a car with four men allegedly abducted and raped for over two hours when the victim was coming back home from work at 6.30 pm. The woman was found near a petrol pump in the Sikri area around 9 pm. In Panipat, an 11-year-old was raped and murdered while she was returning home after disposing the garbage nearby. Two men took the minor home, murdered and allegedly raped her. Her clothes were burnt in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

These were some of the incidents which have taken place in Haryana. If we talk about ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, which is a flagship programme by the Government of India for the welfare of the girls, cannot be attained till the time men are educated about the positive side of girls getting equal respect and opportunity. Men need to see women much above than a sexual commodity, it is then possible to bring about changes that are being talked about. 'Sabka saath sabka vikas’ can happen only if we educate men about how well he can treat women inside home and outside as well.

By: Thamanna Abdul Latheef C



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